What's Behavioral Experiments? What's our goal?

Behavioral Experiments is a platform where researchers can conduct experiments with economic and behavioral games already programmed and ready for analysis.

Researchers can easily design the experiment setup and even modify the parameters of several games to meet their goals.

Behavioral Experiments goal is to provide a space where researches can run their experiments effortless and fast. We hope to bring an excellent tool to foster new experiments, removing logistic barriers such hard programming or expensive infrastructure. Besides, we wish that Behavioral Experiments becomes a research platform where studies can be shared and replicated with ease.

Who can use Behavioral Experiments?

Both public and private research centers can use the platform for their research objectives.

Behavioral Experiments is suitable for everyone that wants to run an experiment online, saving time and effort, gaining security and reliable data.

  • Use economic and behavioral games

  • Export your experiment data

  • Set games parameters (e.g., incentives)

  • Upload custom consent agreements

  • Randomize games presentation and incentives

  • Create custom surveys

  • Multilanguage support

  • Add completion codes at the end of the experiment

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